Writing Classes

Develop the next big thing at CreativeLive that would bolster slowing sales, build a new audience and mirror the success the company had found disrupting photography education.

I studied and analyzed the success CreativeLive had found in photography, and began searching for the next creative industry for the company to disrupt.

After researching potential audience size, buying behaviors and competition in a variety of creative industries, writing stood out as the next big thing at CreativeLive.

We launched the new strategy with Writing Week, where we produced 19 new classes. The week was a smash hit with impressive revenue, big new audiences and some of the highest conversion rates ever seen at CreativeLive. The company rallied around writing curriculum and we developed almost 40 new writing classes in 9 months.



  • Developed a 12 month strategic content plan.

  • Identified, recruited and signed instructors.

  • Signed famed writer Joyce Maynard to develop a three part series. Her class “Writing Your Story” became the highest grossing class of the year.

  • Collaborated with Jennie Nash to create “Writing Your Book”, a class to help writers get their books out of the heads and on to the page.

  • Teamed up with Author Accelerator to offer students a chance for 1:1 book coaching, scalable feedback to a massive online audience.

  • Programmed Writing Week which made over 100k in sales with 50% new audience.

  • Partnered with NaNoWriMo to develop the first annual NaNoWriMo prep week.

  • Collaborated with instructors to develop content outlines.

  • Worked with content producers to clarify and develop class content.

  • Developed a marketing plan with marketing team.