Justin Barker



Executive Producer

As the Executive Producer and Founder of PopEd — I craft compelling creative strategies, tackle complex projects and produce content that educates & inspires a global audience. Check out our work:



Twenty years before Blackfish, Impossible Burgers, Instagram and before Ellen was out — There was BearBoy — A memoir with the optimism of the 90’s for today’s idealists, outsiders and activists.

Learn what is was like to be out, vegan and building a movement before the internet was popular:

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This year I relaunched Citizens Lobbying for Animals in Zoos (CLAZ) — the organization I started 25 years ago when I was 12 years old.

Zoo animals need a champion now more than ever. CLAZ is committed to advocating for zoo animals and disrupting the zoo industry though investigations, education campaigns, advocacy and collaboration.

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