Money & Life

The Money and Life channel has always been the second largest audience and revenue generator at CreativeLive after Photo and Video. We wanted to create a content strategy that grew new audiences and offered a fresh lineup of new curriculum pathways.  

I developed a four pronged approach that celebrity instructors, content partnerships, weeklong events, and new curriculum pathways.

I focused on five content areas -- Writing, Personal Finance, Podcasting, Marketing and Self-Help.



  • Reimagined channel mission with content and executive team.

  • Developed a 12 month strategic content plan.

  • Identified, recruited and signed instructors.

  • Managed partnership with Penguin Random House.

  • Developed partnerships with Chronicle Books, Alo Moves and NaNoWriMo.

  • Programmed Writing Week which made over 100k in sales with 50% new audience.

  • Programmed Social MediaWeek which earned over 150k in sales with 40% new audience.

  • Programmed Podcasting Week with 60% new audience with 100k in sales.

  • Collaborated with instructors to develop content outlines.

  • Worked with content producers to clarify and develop class content.

  • Partnered with marketing and product to build launch plans for individual courses.