I know what it’s like to dream big, set ambitious goals and bring ideas to life. I know how it disrupt broken systems, break down silos, and not take no for an answer. 



I craft business strategies, build campaigns and inspire people to take action. 

Most recently, I was a Channel Head of Money, Life and Business Channels at CreativeLive where I identified revenue-driving audiences, crafted channel strategies and go-to-market plans. I recruited and signed 60 instructors, launched 6 strategic partnerships, and executive produced 130 new classes, including 4 online conferences in less than 18 months.

I connect, collaborate and bring out the best in people.

Whether its researching documentary subjects, recruiting instructors for online courses, building creative teams or developing partnerships, I bring the right people together, negotiate complex contracts and ensure everyone I work with feels included and has fun throughout the process.

I love the Earth and the people and animals who live on it.

I believe access to education is a human right, that we have an obligation take care of the next seven generations, that animals have rights and everyone on earth should be free to express themselves and live full, enriching lives.