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Ready to create your story and inspire a global audience? 

Video Production

For 10 years, I have worked with production companies, creative agencies, and start-ups to turn ideas into profitable content and well-crafted videos:

This is where I make magic and you start making money! 

As your producer, we work together to develop a content plan that focuses on results and is coupled with a set of performance indicators to measure success.

We will explore your intellectual property to uncover stories, vibrant content and opportunities to emotionally and intellectually engage with your audience.

Never been on camera? No worries! I have worked with hundreds of people to develop on-camera presence and make sure they shine! 

Once we have crafted your content, I'll work  up a  creative approach , develop the technical strategy and hand pick a creative team to bring it all to life. 

High Definition videography, quality lighting and crisp sound are just a few of the elements that will ensure it is broadcast quality.

I work with a group of friendly technicians who are the best in the business.

I'll be by your side to guide you through the process and ensure your vision is held with every creative and technical decisions and that you have a fantastic experience.

Precision editing, motion graphics, color correction, voice-over recording and audio sweetening are added with the finest attention to detail.

Once the first draft is completed we will share the results with you on a video platform that makes the feedback process a breeze. 

We will put all the finishing touches and once your final draft is locked, the team will custom encode your videos and deliver them specific to your distribution needs. 


"Justin helped me deliver amazing value that is helping people all over the world make more money doing what they love."

- Sue Zimmerman, Social Media Expert


"Justin is hardworking and a delight to work with. I respect his integrity. Because of Justin, we knocked it out of the park!"

- Ann Rea, Artist and CEO



When I was 13 year old I discovered Brutus and Ursula -- Two california black bears who had never stepped foot on dirt. 18 years of living in a cage the size of a shipping container had broken their spirit. Brutus would spend his days swatting flies as Ursula slipped around the algae covered concrete in search of food morsels.

I was disgusted by their conditions and decided to do something about it. I called their captor --- the Mayor of Roseville -- who laughed out loud and told me "Those Bears were born in that cage and they will die there."

Those 12 words became my rallying cry -- to free Brutus and Ursula from their abusive conditions and prove Harry Crab wrong. The whole story coming soon...

 I am Justin

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I know what it’s like to dream big, set ambitious goals and bring ideas to life. Let's Get Shit done!


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